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A procedure sheet is a document that teaches somebody else how to do what you do. It is also called a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

  • Wear too many hats?

For every hat you wear, we write a procedure sheet for it, so you can give the hat to someone else!

  • Knowledge gaps between management and the team?

For every gap you see, we write a procedure sheet that closes it!

  • Can't take a vacation because the business will suffer?

Every procedure sheet we write for you is another task that gets done without you needing to be there!

  • Want to sell your business but you ARE the business?

Buy as many procedure sheets as you need to build a business that can run WITHOUT you and watch how fast it sells.

How does this work?

1. We take video and/or audio recordings of your process

2. Transcribe those recordings to written operating procedures

3. And make those documents accessible to you in Word, PDF, or another digital format

What do they look like?

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How do I Buy Them?

-Count how many procedures you have, then click "Buy Procedure Sheets" below.

What Happens AFTER I buy them?

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