The Freedom Package

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In as little as 90 days, recover nearly 120 hours of your time.

We write operating procedures for your business so you can duplicate yourself, delegate tasks to others, and produce more by working less

On average, clients recover 120 hours per month (see testimonial below), or $24,000 per month in recovered profits.

It takes us about 90-days to do this. It's called the The Freedom Package.



1. Take video and/or audio recordings of your process


2. Transcribe them to procedure documents


3. Store them in a digital, password-protected knowledge base accessible anywhere



  • BUY YOUR TIME BACK: Find 10-20 hours per week in your business when you fill out your FREE Road to Freedom Worksheet
  • DUPLICATE YOURSELF: your processes are documented with built-in audit trails so anyone can do what you do
  • HANDS-OFF EMPLOYEE TRAINING: your processes, policies, and procedures are stored online, in one password-protected place, accessible anywhere so multiple team members can train from multiple places at once
  • HANDS-OFF CLIENT & CUSTOMER TRAINING: Need FAQ's, webinars, or handouts created to train your clients and/or customers? We have you covered!
  • TAKE TIME OFF: Our procedure sheets DUPLICATE YOU so you can take time off, sell the business, or start another one
  • STREAMLINED TEAM COMMUNICATION: everyone is on the same page because the knowledge is "on paper" rather than in someone's head


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