What We Do

WE WRITE OPERATING PROCEDURES FOR YOUR BUSINESS you can delegate tasks, build a team, and produce more while working less.


We write two (2) types of procedures:

1. General Operating Procedures (GOPs)™: Pre-written, repeatable processes ANY business of ANY size can benefit from using


2. Custom Operating Procedures (COPs)™: Repeatable processes UNIQUE TO YOUR BUSINESS - written on-demand

We document (write down) GOPs and put them on our website for anyone to download. We save your COPs to your cloud storage account for use by only you and your staff.



Documenting the processes that make your business or life run promotes autonomy to those whom you delegate the performance of those processes. It also allows you to scale, potentially make passive income, and/or build a business you can actually sell.

With your trust, a staff  armed with documented procedures can take ownership in their roles and weight off your shoulders, even when it comes to updating or doing away with a process, entirely.

If you're:

  • the entrepreneur building a side hustle around your 9-5
  • or the administrative assistant handling the broken systems of an out-of-touch owner
  • or the business owner who can't sell because buying your "business" means buying you
  • or the manager trying to establish and execute quality controls in your operation
  • or the musician or artist who is sick of "starving"
  • or the real estate investor who ended up being a landlord
  • or the student who DOES NOT want to follow in their parent's footsteps
  • or the mom-and-pop who would like to take a vacation once-in-a-while
  • or the stay-at-home parent getting a project off the ground without returning to the daily grind that kept you from the kids in the first place...
  • or the author who wishes they could just write books for a living... 

  ...then has a journey for you!