How Your Practice Can Run WITHOUT You

Bookkeeper shares his secrets for duplicating himself and building a practice that can run WITHOUT him! 

I know a musician turned bookkeeper. He built his practice from nothing to 27 clients and implemented systems that allowed him to run his entire practice from his laptop and his cell phone. The company is 100% virtual.

His girlfriend wanted to pursue a degree program out-of-state, which meant moving would have been ideal, but what bookkeeper can just up and leave home to explore such opportunities?

There was a time when he held a full-time job while trying to get his practice off the ground. Picture the 40+ hour work week before spending the remaining free time facing the common challenges of independent bookkeepers:

  • finding a niche
  • setting prices
  • client onboarding
  • learning and doing marketing and sales
  • obtaining financial data from clients
  • picking the right software (QBO, Xero, Hubdoc, etc.)
  • and many more concerns.

Life couldn't be easier, right?

Of course, this tenacious entrepreneur also wanted to quit his job and work full-time in his business without becoming a slave to his business. He, like many, started a business so he could be free. So, how do you find the balance? Do you put on more hats? Do you hire help? If so, can you trust them? Can they do the job the same way you can? Could they potentially burn out the same way you might? Or do you continue on the hamster wheel that you unintentionally created: owning a job instead of a bookkeeping practice?

When you have the same 24 hours in a day as the rest of us, something has to give.



After working months of tireless hours to build a client base, this virtual bookkeeper eventually reached out to me months later to discuss SOPs (standard operating procedures) for his practice. We took what was in his head and put it on paper so anyone can come behind him and get the results he would get. Instead of writing SOPs himself, he now has a company to which he can outsource that critically important but mundane task. This allowed us to duplicate him so he could delegate the tasks that were eating up his day, but were not necessarily contributing to income.

Whether client-specific procedures, or general internal ones, he gave my team and I an opportunity to do what we've done for other entrepreneurs before him: give him his time back.

Between identifying and networking with his target market, building good systems, and purchasing our done-for-you service to document those systems, Ben was able to quit his job, travel and live anywhere, hire with confidence, and can begin scaling his bookkeeping practice as much or as little as desired.

Are YOU the next hero of your story?


Hear for yourself! Ben appeared on the "I Love Bookkeeping" Podcast with Ben Robinson back in February 2019. Not only did he share his story, but his current challenges in moving to the next level in his business.