Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens After I Purchase?

What if I'm uncomfortable recording myself or my team or have no idea how?

If you are willing and wanting to record yourself but don't know how, video training will be provided when you onboard with us. If you would rather we record you, we'll send a video crew to your location for an additional charge.

If you are uncomfortable recording yourself, we would schedule 1-Hour Client Meetings via phone or video call with a project manager. On these calls, we go over what processes, procedures, and/or policies you want us to write. There is an additional charge for these meetings.

We don't go out to a your location to shadow or interview you or your team. That disrupts your day-to-day business cycle, eats up our time and resources, and prevents us from sustaining an efficient operation that is a simple solution for your business. Plus, we wouldn't want you or anyone else to have to work any harder than you have to because the goal is for all parties to produce more while working less!


What is a Process?

A process is a series of actions you take to get a result.

What is a Procedure?

A procedure is a list of steps on how to perform an action within a process.

What is the difference between a process and a procedure?

Processes group and organize procedures into a chronology. The above procedure is part of the process of doing your laundry. You have to wash your clothes before you can dry them.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance or QA is a process you follow to make sure a procedure or another process was completed. A checklist is an example of quality assurance.

How Do You Know What Procedures I/We Need Written?

You can either send us a video or audio recording of yourself performing your procedure, or we can go the long way and have you call us. 

What If I/We Don't Know What Procedures Need to Be Written?

Fill out the following questionnaire.

How Do You Write Our Procedures, especially if we are out-of-state?

We are an Internet-based company with remote workers around the world. 

We know that:

  • every business has processes and procedures
  • anything we do we can record
  • anything recorded can be transcribed

At, we've built a system for building systems, and it's the fastest way to structure and scale your business, carefully!

  • Record yourself performing a task
  • We turn that recording into a written procedure
  • We turn your written procedure into an electronic procedure, so you and your team can access it on your phones, tablets, and computers

Now, your procedures can become checklists. You can assign these checklists to your team or a virtual assistant(s), and create an audit trail once they are completed.

What size business do you serve?

Specialists & one-person armies (such as mom-n-pops, artists, consultants, real estate investors, solopreneurs, and internet entrepreneurs)

Small to medium-sized business needing to scale (you already have some processes and even staff, but you want to grow)