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When Kristopher Turner decided to launch an Internet-based business selling hair
extensions, he reached out to a buddy of his who had experience building businesses online. Kristopher, who was overwhelmed with the details and all the little things you have to do to start a business, was asked why he was trying to do all of this alone.

Why was Kristopher learning how to create a blog, write articles, and post those articles everyday in the hopes of building an audience he did not yet have?

Why was Kristopher also taking the time to contact suppliers in the hair extension industry to figure out what types of extensions are available on the market, who was buying them, and which are the most quality to sell to the general public?

Why was Kristopher also intending to search for and download photos of women's hair to display on his website, register new social media accounts, design a logo, order product samples, make cold calls, perform customer service via email, and build a website...

...all when his most important function as an entrepreneur - his 80/20 rule for his venture - was to simply network with people and make sales?

Kristopher was trying to build a job rather than a business.





In many cases, when you try to become a Jane or Jack-of-all-trades, you become a Jane or Jack of NONE. A business is a system of systems: an organization of processes and step-by-step procedures followed by a TEAM of people, not just a business owner/entrepreneur.

Can't take a vacation or a sick day without your business going under? It's because you're a one-person show.

Working 80-100 weeks only to be able to eat, sleep, and repeat? It's because you're a one-person show.

Made a bunch of money and got a bunch of customers or clients but you can't grow and get any more?  It's because you're a one-person show.

Proceduresheets.com was born when Kristopher Turner remembered that he wanted to produce more while working less. His buddy advised him to reach out to a virtual assistant and delegate the task of creating his blog articles for the hair extension business. Now, all Kristopher had to do was document (or write down) the steps to create the types of articles he wanted and share this document with his assistant. Seven days, hours of freed up time, and a mere $50 later, Kristopher's blog articles were completed and sent to him without him having to lift a finger to do the task.



The ONLY three ingredients Kristopher needed were:

  1. The willingness to trust others to get a job done
  2. The ability to communicate to others what he needed done
  3. A procedure sheet for the others to follow


What we do | How we do it | Who we do it for | The results

We help entrepreneurs, managers, assistants, and investors produce more while working less and get their time back by writing operating procedures for their businesses; thus allowing them to delegate tasks, take longer and more frequent vacations, scale, replace themselves, and improve their quality of life.


Company Culture

With no brick and mortar locations and no physical headquarters, Internet-based ProcedureSheets.com is run by a global network of 100% remote contract workers. These professionals range from contractors, to salespeople, to vendors, to videographers, to transcriptionists, to virtual assistants, to freelance professionals, to entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

This type of team structure presents unique challenges in establishing and maintaining culture. To meet this challenge - while maintaining the location-independence and time freedom of its staff - Procedure Sheets relies on easily accessible and effective communication channels and platforms to ensure everyone is on the same page and everyone stays in the loop. 

Everyone's personal goals matter. YOUR LIFE TAKES PRECEDENT OVER YOUR WORK. Period. At ProcedureSheets.com,  we neither expect, nor even ask that you or any of us make a career with the company. Anyone who is "passing through" is free to do so as long as they make a difference in the lives of our clients, our customers, each other, and themselves.

We leverage each other's skills, experience, and insights to build better products, deliver better service, and improve the quality of life for anyone we touch.

At ProcedureSheets.com, you are expected to seize and embrace autonomy in your role. While abiding by our best practices, acting in the best interest of those we serve, and elevating your teammates, we strive to keep and strengthen the lines of communication with one another throughout all of our processes...especially since our entire workforce operates either from home or other locations of our choice.

From management to article writers, we expect and seek each other's input on how to improve our ability to deliver solutions and build both our individual and the company's futures. 

Our main tenets are:

  • Collaborative thinking and strategizing
  • Sharing problems, brainstorming, and opportunities
  • Sharing information, knowledge, and each others roles with one another
  • Focusing on solution-based thinking rather than assigning blame
  • Applauding, seeking, and implementing change and adaptation.

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